Is It In Season? How To Use Google Calendar For Hunting.

Have you ever found yourself hunting one species only to run across another game species and wondered "what is the season for.....?"? If so this article is for you!

The original way to solve this problem is to ensure you have a copy of the proper Dept. of Wildlife brochure with you in the field, but I have a 100% chance (based on experience) of forgetting mine. The one thing I can guarantee to have on my body at all times is my phone.

I should start off saying that I live and breathe by my calendar, and all of my personal scheduling is done in Google Calendar. The benefits for me are:

  • I always have my phone on me

  • Google Calendar syncs regularly and is available offline

  • It is very easy to overlay multiple calendars (ensures plans can be made with regards to Hunting seasons)

  • Free

  • Did I mention it is Free?

Here's how I have set mine up

  • From Google Calendar click on the + sign and Add New Calendar

  • I create one for Big Game and one for Small Game

  • I create a Calendar event (one for every species) and check the box for All Day Event

  • I enter the dates directly from the Dept of Wildlife brochure

That’s it. You can even view your Google calendar in Outlook by following this Proceedure.

This allows you to see all of your calendar events in a single view.

If you have another way to solve this issue please comment below.