About Us

At TasteOfTheWoods we are passionate about hunting and how to get the utmost out of your harvest. By sharing our knowledge on how to successfully turn your wild game into 5-star fare, we hope to boost your enthusiasm as well as help you to produce the best steaks.

Kjell Hedström

I grew up in the North of Sweden, in a community where moose sustenance hunting was a natural part of life. We moved to Colorado where cottontail, jackrabbit, mule deer, and elk hunting became a passion of mine. After a few years we moved towards better climate and are now calling the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana our home.

I believe that hunting is an important part of wildlife conservation. I hunt with friends and family for sustenance, and relish in the beauty of nature and the satisfaction of sharing the hunting harvest with friends and loved ones.

As a hunter I want the meat and the kitchen result to be of top quality. I have built knowledge to match my passion for wild game processing, meat aging and cooking through taking classes, studying literature and articles on meat science, meat aging, salumi, and through trial-and-error. I hope to share my knowledge with you here at TasteOfTheWoods to help you in the field as well as in the kitchen.