Meat Aging, Tenderization Timer

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Product Details

Ensure Optimal Meat Aging Every Time

To get the most out of your wild game it needs to be properly aged. The Tenderization Timer measures the temperature and calculates continuously the degree of tenderization of the meat.

  • Get accurate, reproducible meat tenderization through aging - every time, using the Celcius Day Grade formula.

  • Ensure accurate meat aging result, even in fluctuating temperatures.

  • Calculates and displays an estimation of percentage done and recommended days left until the meat is ready.

  • Can be used for wet aging or dry aging.

  • Can be used for any meat wild game, livestock and poultry.

  • Can be used for any big wild game such as deer, moose, elk

  • Can be used for waterfowl, upland birds and small game.

  • Can be used for livestock and poultry.

Technical Information

  • Digital display shows the percentage completed and the days remaining

  • 100% on the unit is equal to reaching 40 Celsius Day grades. The unit runs until it has reached 200% (80 C day grades) after which it turns off.

  • Measures the ambient temperature every 21 seconds and estimates remaining time based on the 24-hour average temperature.

  • Runs on standard AAA 1.5 volt battery that is replaceable.

  • On normal usage the battery should last for many years.

  • Usable for all meat aging - both vacuum aging and dry aging.