Salted Dried Meat

These are my favorite, tried and true collections of salted, spiced and dried meat. These meats are typically not cured - since they are whole muscle cuts the cure is not needed. In some cases the flavor profile will benefit from a curing salt and then it's added to the recipe even if it is an optional ingredient.

Examples of these dried meats collected from several countries are Afrikaner Biltong, Italian Mocetta, and Swedish Torkat Kött

The dried meat write ups have a ranking of complexity. The harder it is to get right, or the more special equipment and phases to run through before you have the finished product, the higher the complexity.

World famous and quick to make with standard kitchen equipment.

Complexity level: 2/5

Salt, smoke, airflow, and patience. Simple, yet delicious.

Complexity level: 3/5

Taking your patience and skills to the next level. Doing a whole deer hind leg dried ham

Complexity level: 4/5

Coppiettes are red pepper flake spicy with a fennel hubris that will leave you love struck or run for cover.

Complexity level: 1/5