2019 - Bart Jordan

My normal wild game routine for steaks is to marinate overnight and sear on the stove before putting it on the grill to cook. So it was that I came back from a work trip and had no time to prepare the Pronghorn steaks that I had promised to bring to our Boy Scout Wilderness Survival camp in October. The recipe that follows is so easy to follow that I am almost ashamed to write it down. And probably more ashamed that I hadn’t tried it before now.

One of the things that had been suggested for this camp was to have the boys cook wild meat over an open fire. To make it as real as possible the meat was to be entirely unseasoned, just slightly salted. I brought a rabbit my middle son had shot the week before and some Pronghorn that had just finished aging to 40 Degree days.

The Pronghorn and Venison were cut into 1.5” strips across the grain and the Rabbit was laid on whole.


  1. Pronghorn, Rabbit or Venison (Aged to 40 Degree Days)

  2. Campfire made from Pine (Preferably Pinon)

  3. Pinch of salt

For those of you who have a backyard fire pit you can duplicate this at home easily and I think you will be as surprised as I was at how fantastic your it turns out with wood smoke as your seasoning!